Welcome to Save-GA!  The web resource for getting the TRUTH about General Aviation out to the American Public.
Save-GA is a website established to facilitate FACT based communication between the General Aviation community and the General Public.

Save-GA exists to provide FACTS about the General Aviation community, and the impacts of GA on the U.S.  General Aviation accounts for 1.3 million American jobs, and pumps more than $150 billion into our economy.  It also serves as the only transportation link for many communities which are not served by scheduled airline service, enables overnight package delivery, and saves lives through medical transport of patients and organs.  So, GA is a vital part of our national infrastructure.  As such, it is vital that half truths, and mis-understandings not be allowed to damage this vital American resource.

Save-GA has been created to provide a clearinghouse for FACTS and a forum for discussion, organization and action on behalf of the General Aviation community of the United States.  General Aviation is now facing some of the greatest challenges in it's history.  Join in the fight to save this vital American resource.
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There are 1.3 million people in this country working in the GA sector and 600,000 pilots.  We all need to join together to help protect our nations best interests by ensuring the safety and continuity of General Aviation.

If you want to send a message to USA Today concerning it's slanted coverage of GA in September of 2009, visit the USA Today advertisers boycott page to find out how you can send a strong message to USA Today.